V6 Socks – Pro (Pack of 3)


V6 Socks – Pro (Pack of 3)


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A pack of 3 classic high temperature non-stick silicone socks, suitable for use with V6-style heater
blocks and nozzles. Best suited for use with high-resolution nozzles and specific professional
A pack of 3 original high temperature non-stick silicone socks for E3D V6 and other HotEnds also
using the E3D V6 style heater block with thermistor cartridges. These socks are intended for use in
set-ups where keeping the heater block AND nozzle fully insulated is desirable. We recommend
using these socks with our 0.15mm nozzles.
These socks will keep your nozzle clean and free of burnt on blackened plastic. They don’t just keep
the nozzle clean, but also keep heat inside the HotEnd, and off the print.
Made of a heat-resistant, non-stick silicone material our will repel build-up of molten plastic. This
really helps with sticky materials like Co-Polyesters and filled materials that like to build up on
These also offer a huge boost in temperature stability, particularly if you use high airflow cooling
around the nozzle to cool the print. The additional cooling combined with reduced radiation of heat
from the block and nozzle to the print really boost the ability to print great overhangs and bridges, all
while keeping the HotEnd temperature extremely stable.
The covers simply push onto the front of the HotEnd with no disassembly - they will be a tight fit
when first pushed on cold. When hot the silicone will expand to the correct size to fit the HotEnd
snugly. The elastic material will fit all nozzle sizes in the range from 0.25mm to 0.80mm
These V6 socks come in a pack of 3 because they don’t last forever. Depending on what materials
you print and how much abuse they get they eventually wear away at the nozzle tip. Even with sticky
abrasive materials and a bit of abuse they should easily last 100+ print hours. With less sticky
materials like ABS and gentler use you can get almost infinite life. Your mileage may vary.

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