3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures

Replacing costly machined jigs and fixtures with 3D Printing.

Jigs and fixtures are used every day in the manufacturing process. Jigs and fixtures increase productivity and the simplicity of milling and assembly.


Typically these are machined in metal. Lead times vary based on complicity and manufacturer location. Usually lead time is 2-5 weeks. It is not always necessary for this production method though.


3D Printing allows lead times to be as fast as same day production and delivery due to local manufacturing. 3D Printing allows companies to start producing customer orders within days due to short lead times and low cost.


3D Printing Benefits


– Reduce lead time up to 90%.

– Reduce cost up to 95% compared to metal.

– Locally Manufactured

Many Materials for Many Applications

– TPU – rubber like, compressible, flexible.

– PETG – high temperature resistance, high strength for functional parts. 
– Nylon – Abrasion resistant, chemical resistance.
– CF-Nylon – Industrial strength with chemical resistance.

– CF-PC – Impact resistant, higher pressure applications.
Contact us for the complete list of materials or let us recommend one to you!
Data sheets available for most materials.

Rapid Prototyping

Reduce costs by prototyping jigs, fixtures, and parts before machining.

3D Printing allows anyone to prototype complex parts or fixtures before attempting to machine them, wasting time, material, and money.

3D Printing allows prototypes to be made out of everyday materials such as PLA and ABS. PLA and ABS allow low cost prototypes with lead times as fast as same day. 3D Printing can also produce functional parts!

JMO Technology produces all prototypes locally in Mentor, Ohio. Local production allows same day delivery and cheaper costs.

Contact us to see how we can apply 3D Printing to your application!

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