All-In-One Prototyping Service

Our All-In-One Prototyping Service allows anyone to produce their prototypes within hours with their own Dedicated 3D Printer!

What is the all-in-one prototyping service?

For a simple price we will dedicate one FDM 3D Printer to you based on your time frame needs!

This printer will only print orders and parts requested by you. 

Usually, this subscripton service is cheaper for many parts or prototyping/production requiring more than 1 day of FDM 3D Printing.


Everything You’ll Need


Free 2-Day Shipping

2-Day shipping included! Request prototypes to be shipped as many times as needed for free within your subscription! Up to 1 shipment per day included.


Dedicated FDM 3D Printer

Eliminate production queues and priority pricing. Your dedicated 3D Printer is ready to go as soon as you send your files to us!


DFM Support

Let us help you design your parts for optimized strength and production capabilites. Not sure what material to choose? We’ll help with that too!


Multi-Color Printing

Multi-Color printing included at no extra cost! Normal pay per part services would double the cost as multi-color printing more than doubles print time!


No Material Cost

Yes! You read that correctly! PLAABS, PETG, and TPU are all included in your subscription! No material cost!


Free Support Removal

No support removal fee! Decide between PVA (dissolvable support) or normal support material! Whichever you choose is included!


No Hourly Print Fee

Traditional pay per part services charge based on many factors, including print time based on the hour. Our subscription eliminates the hourly fee!


Quality Guaranteed

Every part we produce is guaranteed by our quality guarantee! New parts for free if your unhappy! Return shipping covered by us!

JMO Technology, LLC Quality Guarantee


No Setup or Per Part Fee

Traditional pay per part services charge set up fees and per part fees! Eliminate those costs with our subscription!


Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dedicated 3D Printer stops working?

If your dedicated 3D Printer breaks or goes down for any reason, we will dedicate a new 3D Printer to you! We stock all parts in house and perform maintenance and fixes regularly. We will make sure your deadlines are met!

When does my subscription start and end?

Your All-In-One Prototyping subscription starts on the purchase date and ends after the selected term is up.

How do I send files for prototyping or contact support?

You can send your files for prototyping to with your preferred print settings such as infill %, layer hight, material color, and material type.


You can also contact support at


What if I do not utilize my dedicated 3D Printer for a few days?

Your subscription starts on the date of purchase and ends 30 days after the date of purchase. If you do not utilize your dedicated 3D Printer for any amount of days, your subscriotion is not extended or refunded.

What material colors are offered?

Standard Colors are offered for PLA, ABS, and PETG.

PLA: Black, White, Blue, Red, Gray, Orange, Green, Light Blue, Purple

ABS: Black, White, Blue, Red, Gray, Orange, Green

PETG: Black, White, Blue, Red, Gray, Orange, Green

TPU: Black, White, Red, Blue, Green

More colors available upon contacting


What if the part quality is unacceptable?

We guarantee every part with our quality guarantee. You will recieve new parts free of charge and return shipping is covered. Your subscription cannot be refunded.

Can I 3D Print anything?

No, JMO Technology, LLC will not print any weapon related files. Nerf accessories are acceptable. Also, your part must be able to be printed on FDM. Your subscription does not include SLA printing, only FDM.

Generally these are the requirements for FDM Printing-

Minimum wall thickness- 1mm

Minimum feature size- 1mm

Minimum hole size- 2mm

Minimum angle not requiring support material- 45 degrees


What are the technical specifications of the 3D Printers?

Tolerance: +-.5mm 

Print size: (x-axis)250 x (y-axis)210 x (z-axis)200 mm

Layer Height: 50-300 microns

Nozzle Size: .4mm

Filament Size: 1.75mm

If more information is needed please contact



How fast can my part be produced and shipped?

When emailing your files for production please include the desired ship date. Same day production and shipping heavily depends on the part. Large parts with high quality settings take much longer to produce than small parts with high quality settings. Our support team will work with you to meet your needs. Overnight shipping is available for an extra fee based on part size and weight.

Are technical sheets available?

Yes, technical sheets for the materials are available. Depending on the material and data needed there may be an additional charge.

Contact our support team for more information.

I need a material other than PLA, ABS, PETG, and TPU

Yes, other materials are available upon request but are not included in your subscription. These will require additional fees depending on your needs.

Contact our support team for more information.

What type of 3D Printer is being used?

Currently we only offer FDM 3D Printers for the All-In-One Prototyping Service.



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